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iOS & Android application

Developed in Swift and Android

A social network, based on Augmented Reality

Mopz is developing the future of social networks, in the form of an augmented reality app, where users can interact using messages, paintings, objects and emojis, that exist as a layer on top of the normal world.

In the future, the technology solution can also be used in communication between businesses and consumers, by adding an augmented layer of information on top of everyday objects and locations.

case environment
case environment

Digital art for everyone to behold

Apart from acting as a peer-to-peer social network and messaging service. Mopz can also be used to create public displays of art and literature, enabling city-goers to experience an additional layer of beauty and information, about the space in which they move.

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case frame
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What we built

For this project, We App has built powerful user applications that work across both Android and iOS. Leveraging both the power of ArKit and ArCore.

Tech stack used: Java, Swift, Firebase, NodeJS, mongoDB.


"Before starting, we had very high demands on the software development partner we would choose. We App felt right from the start and they have done a really great job with our AR application. It's so great seeing our vision come to life."

Pierre Karlsson

Co-Founder, Mopz


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