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We work with fast moving startups and medium-sized companies. We help them launch and grow the next generation of tech-driven business.



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We're made up of skilled individuals who seek to bring our deep knowledge to a wider audience. Our shared belief about the impact of our work is what brings us together, but it's our principles that make sure we produce the best work possible.

What we do

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full service.

What we do

We take you from idea, to finished high-grade product smoothly. From the initial step of hearing and reiterating on your idea. Researching and designing the best experience. Developing the most robust and efficient code. To finally making sure we have a good hand-over process, where you can safely kick back and enjoy the product you envisioned from day one. For each step on the way, we talk as much as you want. If you want, every day. We are agile, and we are uncompromising in delivering the best possible product for you.



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How we
do it

01. Idea

You contact us with a great idea. We assign the right persons to the project and help reiterate on it. How can we make it more efficient. More scalable. When we're both content, we get busy working.

03. Development

Now the fun part starts. We develop the product, with careful consideration of most suitable technologies. And take care of everything, from design and frontend, to backend, hosting and support.

02. Research/Design

We do research, give valuable input, create prototypes and set the design template. Great design comes from great insight.

04. Follow up

The last step is follow-up, and a smooth hand-over process. We'll stay available. And now you can kick back and enjoy your new awesome product that you envisioned from day one.

This is us

We the

CEO and senior developer who early on decided that We App would be a different company with a strong focus on startups and game-changing technology. Always bringing expertise and knowledge to the table for all projects.

CEO / developer

Michael Dragomir

Head of software development who've led value creating projects in a number of different industries. Whether in medtech, automation journeys or new media experience projects he guides the team with a steady hand.

Head of Software Development

Kevin Hedberg Griffith

Our Head of business development who broadens We App's network of friends, with a special focus on partnerships within the startup eco-system.

Head of Business Development

David Göthensten

Our talented lead UX-designer who would never allow us to create a product that doesn't keep the customer at heart.

Lead UX-designer

Ebba Skretting

Mobile developer with a keen eye for design as well as robust and efficient code. Comes with experience from the interesting Gamification space.

Mobile developer

Ali Baker

Our warm-hearted community leader, who works both with upholding our strong internal culture, as well as communicating this and all our awesome projects to a wider audience.

Social Media Manager

Bruno Teglas

Fullstack developer with a background in theoretical mathematics whose new passions lies in building powerful algorithms.

Fullstack developer

August Posner

Frontend developer who is working at the forefront of web & mobile apps and technologies. Often focusing on digitalization journeys.

Frontend developer

Patrik Rikama-Hinnenberg

Fullstack developer equally comfortable with all native platforms as well as new media experiences, e.g. Augmented Reality.

Fullstack developer

Alvar Aronija


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